Health and Safety Training

We have been providing training solutions for over 30 years to some of the UK and Europe's biggest companies and organisations, and are established as one of the UK's leading health and safety training providers. We offer a range of health and safety training courses for you and your organisation, including accredited qualifications such as the NEBOSH General Certificate and the comprehensive NEBOSH Diploma, City & Guilds health and safety NVQs, IOSH Managing Safely courses and ConstructionSkills (CSkills)/CITB courses like the Site Supervisors SSSTS and Site Managers SMSTS certificates to name just a few. To see the complete range of accredited courses and qualifications, please click on the names of the awarding bodies at the top of the page. Alternatively, see our overview page describing some of our most popular health and safety training courses and qualifications.

We also design and deliver unique health and safety training packages for organisations or individuals, including health and safety instructor courses, and training on specific topics such as COSHH, permit to work training, sharps training and environmental health and safety.

Our experienced health and safety consultants are available to help businesses meet their legal obligations in the various areas of health and safety. We provide a range of services including inspections, audits and professional health and safety advice.

Health and Safety NVQ Qualifications

For those unable to travel or get time off work to attend a classroom-based health and safety training course like a NEBOSH General Certificate, an NVQ is an ideal solution. Suitable for those already in a health and safety job role, an NVQ in Occupational Health and Safety relies upon the gathering of evidence acquired as you perform your workplace duties.

Our tailored, City & Guilds-approved ePortfolio system, known as Learning Assistant, allows health and safety NVQ candidates to complete and present their portfolio of evidence online. Candidates can now study when they want, where they want, with no bulky paper-based portfolios to manage, store or send through the post.

At ATC Risk Management our NVQ department works with hundreds of NVQ candidates each year to help them achieve the Level 3 or Level 5 National Vocational Qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety. Our numerous NVQ assessors work with individual delegates from start to finish in assisting them with building the required portfolio of evidence and the submission process.

  • NVQ Diploma Level 5 in Occupational Health and Safety
  • NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Health and Safety

  • Manual Handling Training

    New e-Learning Course Added
    Poor manual handling can cause problems such as back trouble

    We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our provision of manual handling training options to include an e-learning course. With both single user licenses for individuals and discounted multiple-user licenses available for business customers who have a number of employees they would like to take the course, our manual handling online course is perfect for those who either do not require or cannot get the time away from the workplace to attend a more in-depth open course or bespoke training if it is a group of employees from the same company.

    Injuries caused by incorrect manual handling techniques are one of the most common health and safety issues and are the cause for a great deal of worker absence as they take time off to recover. This makes manual handling one of the most important concerns for a business to address in terms of its health and safety considerations.

    Manual handling online course screen

    So whether you require an online course, wish to attend an open course or would like a tailored, bespoke manual handling course which deals with the specific manual handling risks that your employees will encounter in the workplace, at ATC Risk Management we can provide it all.

    See our manual handling training section for more information.

    Fire Training

    Courses and Training Methods to Suit You
    Fire Training

    The introduction of various online fire training courses means that we now offer fire training in the form of open courses, as in-house/bespoke sessions at your premises, and now as online courses.

    Whilst not recommended for extensive qualifications like the NEBOSH Fire Certificate, online courses are perfect for short topics such as fire extinguisher information and as an introduction to basic fire safety.

    See our fire training section for more information.

    Featured Course

    Permit to Work Training
    Permit to work health and safety training

    Our in-house permit to work courses not only provide delegates with a detailed understanding of what permit to work systems are, but also covers the related topics such as the typical contents, issuing procedure, associated responsibilities of various people (issuer, workers etc) and potential pitfalls/solutions. The course will also use real life examples to highlight the importance of permit to work (PTW) systems, such as the Piper Alpha case study.

    Permits to work are used for a variety of high-risk activities such as working in a confined space, 'hot' activities like welding, soldering etc and high-voltage work. Our permit to work training courses are tailored to the specific risks that face your workers. For more information, contact us online by clicking the 'Contact' button in the top right of the page, or call 0115 984 9940.

    Environmental Health and Safety

    Protecting the Environment as well as People
    Businesses have the potential to cause serious damage to the environment

    Health and safety is no longer just limited to preventing accidents and incidents which affect people. An increasing part of the subject involves the protection of the environment from damage caused by the actions of the business. This can include both deliberate behaviour such as the dumping of hazardous waste, as well as accidental impacts of incidents which were not prevented or contained.

    New legislation and increasing public awareness has meant that environmental responsibilities are becoming more prevalent in health and safety courses. Along with being included as elements on popular qualifications such as the NEBOSH General Certificate, there are also specific environmental courses available like the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate.

    Our environmental health and safety articles cover many issues, with topics including:

  • Waste
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Energy

  • Employee Safety in the Workplace

    In today's rigid business world, the health and safety of your employees should take priority over all else. Don't let workplace accidents bring your establishment to its knees. Most small businesses will never recover after a major catastrophe. Take control of your investments by hiring a team of professionals with over thirty years of quality service experience, and a track record for success. ATC Risk Management has had the opportunity to work directly with some of Europe's largest business establishments, and are proud to be one of the top health and safety training providers and risk management teams in the UK.

    We here at ATC, are proud to offer top rated courses at affordable prices. Our direct approach to training is always catered directly to your unique industry, and will provide your employees with the information they need to prevent workplace incidents. If time constraints are an issue, ATC offers online health and safety courses which allow your team to complete training at their own individual pace. With multiple accreditations from Europe's top health and safety organisations, you can be sure that your employees are receiving cutting edge courses, which will help them create a safe working environment.

    Businesses around the world lose billions every year to accidents that occur in the workplace. Fires, injuries, and other potential hazards can plague your company at any time, without notice. While you may never be able to guarantee that cataclysmic events will not take place, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your workforce has been trained to handle almost any situation, not to mention actually preventing it from happening in the first place. Plus, many major insurance firms give premium discounts to establishments that have undergone health and safety training courses.

    Most workplace accidents are 100% preventable, and happened solely because the individual was unprepared for the situation at hand. Injuries and deaths are preventable, but it must be you that takes the first step to prepare your team for the worst. On average, more than 150 people die annually from workplace related accidents. According to the Health and Safety Executive, over 1.2 million people suffered injuries while on the job in 2014. Incidents such as this will cost employers more than fourteen billion pounds this year in the UK alone. The statistics can be quite staggering when seen for the first time. Below, we have provided a list of the top accident types and reasons for injuries which generally occur in a typical place of work:

  • Trips, slips, and falls
  • Violence in the workplace
  • Mechanical accidents
  • Electrical related accidents
  • Heavy/Manual lifting
  • Falls from height
  • Fires
  • Repetitive Strain (such as carpel tunnel)
  • Collisions with moving objects

  • Save yourself both time and money, by letting a team of professionals take charge of your health and safety training. Don't wait for the inevitable to strike. Prepare your employees today, and lower the probability of an accident. A safe workplace is a happy workplace. Give your employees and customers the assurance they deserve by enrolling in a health and safety course with ATC today.


    To see if we currently have any vacancies for health and safety trainers or other office staff here at ATC Risk Management, please see our 'Current Vacancies' page by clicking here.

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    Food Safety Courses

    New Online Food Safety Courses Available
    Online food safety courses

    Level 1 and Level 2 online food safety courses available, with individual courses aimed specifically at those in the catering, retail and manufacturing industries.

    Click on the green "Online Courses" button above for more information regarding our online food safety courses and the other online health and safety training courses that we offer.

    NEBOSH General Pages

    More Info on our Most Popular Course
    NEBOSH General Certificate Pages and Articles

    The NEBOSH National General Certificate provides a wealth of information, with the syllabus covering a variety of different health and safety topics which are relevant to the vast majority of workplaces. The scope and respect which this NEBOSH qualification commands makes it one of the most popular and sought after of courses.

    For useful pages and articles about the NEBOSH General Certificate click here.

    Featured Article

    NEBOSH Diploma e-Learning
    Distractions at home or even in the workplace make studying for a NEBOSH Diploma online or by distance learning extremely difficult

    The lower cost and convenience of studying in your own time initially makes a NEBOSH Diploma look attractive by e-learning or distance learning formats. However, when it comes to learning enough to pass the assessments and actually achieving the qualification, it can often be an expensive false economy... Read Article

    Accredited Health and Safety Training Courses

    Use the links at the top of the page to see the accredited health and safety training courses we offer from various health and safety awarding bodies, such as the NEBOSH General Certificate, NEBOSH Diploma, IOSH Managing Safely and the CITB SMSTS and SSSTS courses.

    The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health

    NEBOSH qualifications are some of the most recognised and respected health and safety qualifications in the world. There are a range of courses available, starting with the NEBOSH Awards which provide an excellent foundation in health and safety, the Certificates such as the NEBOSH General Certificate, right up to comprehensive NEBOSH Diploma qualifications like the NEBOSH National Diploma.

    The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

    IOSH is Europe's leading body for health and safety professionals. As an independent and not-for-profit organisation they aim to regulate and steer the profession, maintaining standards and providing impartial and authoritative guidance on health and safety issues. Their flagship course, the IOSH Managing Safely qualification, is one of the most popular health and safety courses available.

    CITB/ConstructionSkills Construction Site Safety Courses

    The CITB ConstructionSkills site management SMSTS courses and the site supervisors SSSTS courses are designed to give the people and organisations involved in the construction industry the skills and knowledge that are necessary in order to survive and prosper in today's challenging economic environment, resulting in a safe, professional and fully-qualified UK construction industry.