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We currently have the following vacancies available at ATC Risk Management:

Health and Safety NVQ Assessors

We are currently looking for qualified associate health and safety NVQ assessors.

The primary role of the assessor is to assess candidates' performance and/or related knowledge in a range of tasks and to ensure that the competence/knowledge demonstrated meets the requirements of the standards. Assessors will therefore need to have occupational expertise in the syllabus areas to be assessed. Assessors will be expected to maintain their expertise by being involved in continuous professional development activities.

Assessors must hold appropriate assessor qualifications as approved and specified by the regulatory authorities within 18 months of commencing their role. This will normally be the A1 Assessors Award.

Please send Stacey Hallam a copy of your CV along with copies of your certification to

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Food Safety Courses

New Online Food Safety Courses

Level 1 and Level 2 online food safety courses available, with individual courses aimed specifically at those in the catering, retail and manufacturing industries.

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NEBOSH General Pages

More Info on our Most Popular Course

The NEBOSH National General Certificate provides a wealth of information, with the syllabus covering a variety of different health and safety topics which are relevant to the vast majority of workplaces. The scope and respect which this NEBOSH qualification commands makes it one of the most popular and sought after of courses.

For useful pages and articles about the NEBOSH General Certificate click here.

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