NEBOSH General Certificate

"Further to my phone call this morning regarding the NEBOSH General Certificate course which I took with you in June. My results arrived over the weekend and I was surprised to find I had passed with a distinction. Much credit is due to Matthew (Joyes) for his excellent teaching. He was also ably assisted by Chris (Pyke) and they delivered a well planned and interesting course over the two weeks. I found all the staff at Associated Training friendly and welcoming and really enjoyed the course."

_Michael Whittington, Technical Officer, Nottinghamshire County Council

The course is delivered over 10 days in two 5 day segments, culminating in 2 written examinations and a workplace project.


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The NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health, or NEBOSH General Certificate for short, is nationally recognised one of the prime health and safety qualifications. As such it is one of the most popular courses that we run.

The NEBOSH General Certificate qualification will provide a broad base of health and safety knowledge on which a basic level of competence can be developed, or progression to a NEBOSH Diploma health and safety qualification. There is a lot of information taught on the NEBOSH General Certificate, but the rewards in terms of the knowledge acquired will be well worth the effort in the end.

Our health and safety consultants and course tutors are professional and experienced, with many years in the field of health and safety training.

Who will benefit?

The NEBOSH National General Certificate course is aimed at managers, supervisors and staff from all types of organisations who need a broad understanding of health and safety issues. The certificate helps them manage risks effectively. Many people take the NEBOSH General Certificate as one of the first steps towards a health and safety career, either with or without taking other qualifications such as an IOSH Managing Safely or SMSTS certificate before taking the NEBOSH General.

It provides a valuable overview, is a sound basis for further professional study, and is currently the most widely held health and safety management qualification since its launch in 1989.

The Benefits of the NEBOSH General Certificate:

  • Develop an underpinning knowledge of health and safety legislation and its impact
  • Assist your company's safety management programme
  • Assess workplace hazards and develop control measures
  • Develop a basis for a future career in occupational health and safety

  • The Academic Benefits of the NEBOSH General Certificate:

    Upon completion and certification you will have met the academic qualifications for Technician status of IOSH (TechIOSH). The certificate also satisfies the eligibility requirements for Associate Membership of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (AIIRSM).

    NEBOSH General Certificate Course Syllabus

    The NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus is wide and covers the following:

  • Module 1 - Foundations in health and safety

  • Module 2 - Health and safety management systems - plan

  • Module 3 - Health and safety management systems - organising

  • Module 4 - Health and safety management systems - risk assessment and controls

  • Module 5 - Health and safety management systems - monitoring, investigation and recording

  • ATC Risk Management are NEBOSH accredited centre number 532
  • Module 6 - Health and safety management systems - audit and review

  • Module 7 - Workplace hazards and control

  • Module 8 - Transport hazards and control

  • Module 9 - Musculoskeletal hazards and control

  • Module 10 - Work equipment hazards and control

  • Module 11 - Electrical hazards and control

  • Module 12 - Fire hazards and control (fire safety)

  • Module 13 - Biological & chemical hazards (COSHH) and control

  • Module 14 - Physical & psychological health hazards and control

  • Examination

    This accredited NEBOSH qualification is assessed by two exams (each lasting 2 hours) and a workplace-based practical inspection project. The exam is conducted in our training centres at the end of your course, and the project is completed in your own workplace. The project should take no longer than 3 hours to complete and you will have 7 days from the end of the course to return it to us by post.


    Delegates are awarded the official NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health on successful completion and passing of the NEBOSH exams and project.

    Certificates are forwarded by NEBOSH approximately 16 weeks after the completion of the course although results are usually issued within 10 weeks.

    Exam Only

    We can also accommodate delegates who have done the NEBOSH General Certificate course with another health and safety training provider and need to re-sit or take one or more units. To see a list of the scheduled exam dates and locations, click here for NEBOSH Exam Re-sit dates.

    Use ELCAS credits towards a NEBOSH General Certificate

    The NEBOSH General Certificate qualifies for the use of ELCAS credits towards the course cost

    For those who have left or are about to leave the services and have Enhanced Learning Credits to use towards health and safety training, the NEBOSH General Certificate course qualifies for the use of ELCAS funding.

    For more information, please call one of the sales team on 0115 984 9940 or contact us online and we can advise you on the procedure for applying and using your credits towards the cost of the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification.

    Is The NEBOSH General Certificate Suitable as an Online or Distance Learning Course?

    No. The NEBOSH General Certificate, whilst providing a general overview of the most commonly-encountered hazards in a place of work rather than intricate specifics, still contains detailed information including health and safety management systems, chemical and biological health hazards & risk control, and legislation such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 (except Part IV) as amended in 2002 to name but a few. All of this means that there is a tremendous amount of detailed information which needs to be absorbed in order to pass the various assessments at the end.

    Numerous distractions make a NEBOSH General Certificate e-learning or distance learning course impractical

    At ATC Risk Management we trialled this form of learning and thought long and hard about offering the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification as an online or distance learning course but decided firmly against it in the end. This is because the pass rates are so much lower as many people struggle to not only take in all of the required information without the support of a course tutor, but also to understand how this knowledge needs to be used in order to pass the assessments. It can also be a tough ask to learn the information with all the distractions that are likely to be present when not in a dedicated learning environment (see picture above for an example!).

    At ATC Risk Management we care more about delegates passing the assessment and gaining the qualification than taking their money off them. With over 30 years of experience, we are one of the UK's most trusted health and safety training providers which is a key factor in us being at the top of the Google organic search results for many health and safety searches. You will often find other providers, particularly those in the expensive advertising positions on Google who are desperate to take your money no matter what so that they can cover their advertising costs, who will offer e-learning or distance learning NEBOSH General Certificate courses at extremely low rates. We have lost count of the number of people who have spent money on an e-learning or distance learning course only to find out once it is too late that it would be far better to attend a classroom-based course. Please do not become one of them.

    Scheduled NEBOSH General Certificate Courses

    We run the NEBOSH General Certificate course across the UK in Nottingham, Manchester, and Reading. Unlike some training providers who add on additional costs to the advertised course fee, all of our open course prices include exam fees, certification costs and study book(s), as well as a buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Free on-site car parking is also available at our Nottingham venue each day.

    Useful Link: The Online Booking Process Explained (opens in a new window).

    Nottingham: £1,295.00 + vat
    Manchester (City): £1,295.00 + vat
    Reading: £1,295.00 + vat
    Central London: £1,495.00 + vat

    Wk 1: 06-10 Feb 2017
    Wk 2: 20-24 Feb 2017
    Exams: 27 Feb 2017
    NottinghamBook Online
    Wk 1: 06-10 Mar 2017
    Wk 2: 20-24 Mar 2017
    Exams: 27 Mar 2017
    Manchester (City)Book Online
    Wk 1: 13-17 Mar 2017
    Wk 2: 27-31 Mar 2017
    Exams: 03 Apr 2017
    NottinghamBook Online
    Wk 1: 03-07 Apr 2017
    Wk 2: 24-28 Apr 2017
    Exams: 02 May 2017
    NottinghamBook Online
    Wk 1: 08-12 May 2017
    Wk 2: 22-26 May 2017
    Exams: 30 May 2017
    NottinghamBook Online
    Wk 1: 08-12 May 2017
    Wk 2: 22-26 May 2017
    Exams: 30 May 2017
    Central LondonBook Online
    Wk 1: 05-09 Jun 2017
    Wk 2: 19-23 Jun 2017
    Exams: 26 Jun 2017
    NottinghamBook Online
    Wk 1: 03-07 Jul 2017
    Wk 2: 17-21 Jul 2017
    Exams: 24 Jul 2017
    ReadingBook Online

    Group Booking Discounts

    If you have more than four or more delegates to book onto a NEBOSH General Certificate course, we will be able to offer you a discount. The more you book on, the bigger the discount!

    Please contact us for a personalised quote, as it may also be more cost effective for you to have an in-house course (see below), particularly is you have a large number of people requiring training.

    In-House NEBOSH Training

    Along with our scheduled NEBOSH General Certificate courses in Nottingham, Manchester and Reading we also provide NEBOSH General training in-house at your premises if you have a number of employees requiring training and it would therefore be easier for us to come to you. Please contact us for a quote.

    What next after completing the NEBOSH General Certificate?

    A number of people choose to continue their education and training after obtaining the NEBOSH General Certificate, going on to qualifications such as the NEBOSH National Diploma. Many safety training providers will require candidates wishing to enrol on a Diploma course to have already obtained the NEBOSH General Certificate, in order to ensure that not only do course attendees have a good solid base level of general health and safety knowledge, but that they are also capable of completing a comprehensive and lengthy training course, as the NEBOSH General Certificate is typically run over 10 days. The NEBOSH National Diploma for example is comprised of 35 days of classroom training, plus a couple of hundred hours of self-study. Those who managed to tackle the General Certificate will already have shown the dedication, discipline and self-study required to pass a comprehensive health and safety qualification, whereas those who struggled with the General Certificate will find the NEBOSH Diploma extremely challenging.

    As well as higher level qualifications, the NGC1 unit of the General Certificate is also present on the NEBOSH Construction Certificate and NEBOSH Fire Certificate courses. This means those who have passed the NGC1 unit within the last five years do not need to repeat this unit, and can do a 'Conversion Course' which will be shorter and costs less money than doing the 'Full' course and repeating this unit again.

    A stand-alone course which, unlike the Construction and Fire Certificates mentioned above, does not contain the NGC1 unit, a number of people who achieve the General Certificate also study for the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate. This one week course deals with environmental issues from a business perspective, in terms of how a company can adversely affect the surrounding environment as a consequence of its actions or inactions. With environmental considerations playing an ever-increasing role in the modern business environment (not to mention the personal lives of individuals), the demand for the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate qualification shows no sign of slowing down.

    Selected Internal Pages Regarding the NEBOSH General Certificate

    Planning and the NEBOSH General Certificate - It is imperative that thorough planning is conducted by competent persons with regards to taking appropriate measures for the safeguarding of worker safety and health. An absence of effective plans can result in critical elements being missed altogether, as well as incomplete procedures and other risks to health and wellbeing remaining a danger. The NEBOSH General Certificate will deal with the importance and benefits of detailed planning along with the potential consequences of failing to do so.

    Obtaining Competent People - The presence of a NEBOSH General Certificate in a potential employee's portfolio of qualifications is a clear sign that not only are they well-trained and have a thorough knowledge of common health and safety issues and the need to reduce risks in the workplace, but it also proves how they are a dedicated and determined individual as these are the attributes required to pass the assessments on a course like the General Certificate or the Diploma.

    NGC3 Podcast

    In this podcast Chris Pyke, a senior NEBOSH trainer and practical assessor, gives some advice on what to do, and what not to do regarding the new format NGC3 practical assessment.

    Please click here to listen.

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  • Also Consider:

    For those who struggle to get time away from the workplace to attend a two week training course as is needed for a NEBOSH General, an alternative consideration is a vocational health and safety NVQ. Relying upon a portfolio of evidence gathered as an individual carries out their normal job and workplace duties, there will be minimal disruption and time diverted away from a person carrying out their role.

    To find out more about health and safety NVQs like our most popular qualification, the NVQ Level 5 Health and Safety please click on the NVQ tab at the top of the page.

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