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Achieving a NEBOSH Diploma qualification is one of the hardest things a health and safety professional will have to do. The amount of information involved, the time requirements of the training, the hours of self-study necessary, and all of the revision needed culminate in ensuring that a NEBOSH Diploma course is as much about dedication, determination and self-discipline as it is about learning the information taught by the tutor.

A NEBOSH Diploma is Much Harder than a NEBOSH General Certificate

As tough as NEBOSH General Certificate training is in terms of time and effort, the NEBOSH Diploma is in a whole different league in this regard. It is for this reason that the national average pass rates for a NEBOSH Diploma are significantly lower than the average for the NEBOSH General Certificate. Holders of the Diploma qualification are in an elite group of health and safety professionals who have successfully overcome the challenges and test of character which the NEBOSH Diploma can throw at them.

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NEBOSH Diploma Pages and Articles

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NEBOSH Diploma e-Learning
Distractions at home or even in the workplace make studying for a NEBOSH Diploma online or by distance learning extremely difficult

The latest craze in recent years has seen the offering of health and safety courses via an online or distance learning format. The proposed benefits can sound extremely attractive such as a much lower initial price and the freedom to study in your own time. However the drawbacks make this an extremely difficult way of achieving even a smaller qualification, let alone the mighty NEBOSH Diploma.

This article looks at these disadvantages, and how going down the distance learning or online course route for the NEBOSH Diploma typically leads to exam failure, years of wasted time, and significant expense when candidates give up half way through and end up paying for a classroom course with the support of the course tutor, which they could have done right from the beginning!

NEBOSH Diploma Intensive Courses
A NEBOSH Diploma intensive course is the best way of achieving the qualification

Achieving the NEBOSH Diploma qualification is difficult enough at the best of times, so the last thing you want to do is create extra hurdles and challenges for yourself. Just as trying to undertake the qualification by distance or e-learning ramps up the difficulty exponentially (see above), so too does trying to spread it out over a long period of time such as a couple of years, or trying to complete the units at weekends or one day a week.

This is usually done to try and accommodate work or personal commitments, but the extremely lengthy time period involved means that so much information taught at the beginning is lost and forgotten by the time of the exams. Not passing the exams equals no qualification, and a lot of time and money spent on not actually achieving anything.

Although it can be hard to accommodate and fit in a NEBOSH Diploma course around work commitments, if at all possible it is extremely advisable to complete an intensive NEBOSH Diploma course on a full-time basis, as not only does this get the training completed much quicker, but significantly reduces the likelihood of knowledge being forgotten before exams.

Learning Information for NEBOSH Diploma Success
Studying hard and learning the information leads to NEBOSH Diploma success

One of the primary reasons behind exam failure is not a lack of ability on the part of the individual, but rather a lack of application. Although not all by any means, the majority of candidates who fail the examinations and assessments do so because they underestimated the amount of effort, revision and self-study that is needed to pass these qualifications. It is especially true of those who have been in professions for a long period of time which are quite high risk and so are used to certain health and safety procedures. They believe that the course content and the exams will be a simple matter of common sense and can get away with using their past experience as a guide.

The truth is that passing the exams requires much more than this. Correct examination technique is a crucial component of successfully passing them, such as understanding what the questions are specifically asking, the amount of content which needs to be given in an answer according to the number of marks available, tailoring answers according to the keywords used in the question (outline, describe, state) etc.

Whilst the above is true for all health and safety courses which have exams and assessments at the end of them, it is absolutely essential for the lengthy exams that come at the conclusion of the NEBOSH Diploma training. The last thing a delegate wants to do is fail the exams after spending so much time and money on the course, which means that the syllabus and the training should be given their full attention, respect and commitment at all times.

Why do so Few People Achieve the NEBOSH Diploma?
The work involved in a NEBOSH Diploma course can be too much for some

Many individuals have come unstuck in the past through believing that all they need to do is turn up to a health and safety training course, sit through it, and then be rewarded with the certificate at the conclusion. Typically this comes from the belief that all health and safety is simply a matter of common sense, and so surely any examinations must also be a case of giving the most sensible answer.

The reason as to why the national average pass rate for the NEBOSH Diploma health and safety qualification is so much lower than for courses such as the NEBOSH Certificates is because of the level of work involved. Even those with the best of intentions, who actually begin well, are likely to start to struggle to maintain the levels of effort necessary to see the Diploma through to its successful completion.

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NEBOSH Diploma e-Learning
Distractions at home or even in the workplace make studying for a NEBOSH Diploma online or by distance learning extremely difficult

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