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"On behalf of those employees at Haley Sharpe Design who attended the IOSH Managing Safely training sessions I would like to thank Matt for his engaging course material and presentations, the team quiz and question time made the training easier to take on board and remember and I am sure we will all take what we've learned and apply it to both our work and personal roles!

We hope he enjoyed training us and we will be recommending the course and trainer to all our customers and clients.

As there is a need for future training programmes at HSD...I am sure Matt would be the preferred choice of trainer. We look forward to working with you all in the near future."

_Debbie Shelley, Facilities Manager, Haley Sharpe Design Limited

If you have 4 or more delegates we can schedule an IOSH Managing Safely course for you, or run it in-house. Please contact us online or call us on 0115 984 9940 for more details.

Aims and Objectives of the IOSH Managing Safely Course

IOSH Managing Safely is a course for managers and supervisors in any sector and any organisation. It's designed to give managers all they need to know to help them effectively manage health and safety in their workplace. The new high impact programme covers key health and safety issues, and also includes a section on environment protection.

This course is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH), one of Europe's leading health and safety awarding bodies.

The IOSH Managing Safely course will cover relevant health and safety issues such as:

  • The concept of "managing safely"
  • Identifying hazards
  • Assessing and controlling risks (risk assessment)
  • Understanding your health and safety responsibilities (i.e. the legal framework)
  • Incident and accident investigation
  • Measuring performance
  • Protecting our environment and environmental health and safety

  • Modern training is not about teaching, it's about learning. No more 'death by PowerPoint'. We know that getting people fully involved, having fun, and learning by doing, is the way to achieve health and safety training success. Our health and safety consultants have many years of experience in the health and safety industry and delivering effective training. This means our IOSH Managing Safely course gets delegates really thinking about what they're learning - and gaining the confidence and enthusiasm to put it into practice when they're back at work.

    Who should attend an IOSH Managing Safely Course?

    The IOSH Managing Safely course is aimed at managers and supervisors with health and safety responsibilities, but is equally valid for directors, senior officers and health and safety officers in low risk organisations. Past delegates have come from virtually every industry and internationally.

    Course Material

    Each delegate will be issued with a workbook to assist them both during and after this IOSH training course which will contain information, guidance and forms to assist managers. The IOSH Managing Safely course is designed to be interactive, allowing delegates the opportunity to develop their skills with the support of the course tutor.

    Course Tutor

    Our health and safety consultants are qualified and experienced professionals with an appropriate background in risk management. All consultants hold professional membership of the chartered Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).


    The course will be delivered over four days - either in-house for your company, or through our open course programme at one of our training centres nationwide.


    At the conclusion of the course, delegates are required to undertake a multi-format assessment and a short workplace based practical project. Delegates must complete their project and return it to us within 14 days of the course completion.

    Delegates who successfully complete the assessments at the end of the course are awarded the IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.

    Is The IOSH Managing Safely Course Suitable as an Online or Distance Learning Course?

    No. The IOSH Managing Safely course, whilst providing a general overview of the most important areas of managing with regards to health and safety responsibilities, still includes issues such as health and safety legislation, risk assessments, accident investigation and performance measurements. All of this means that there is a tremendous amount of detailed information which needs to be absorbed in order to pass the assessment at the end.

    At ATC Risk Management we trialled this form of learning and thought long and hard about offering the IOSH Managing Safely qualification as an online or distance learning course but decided firmly against it in the end. This is because the pass rates are so much lower as many people struggle to not only take in all of the required information without the support of a course tutor, but also to understand how this knowledge needs to be used in order to pass the assessment. It can also be a tough ask to learn the information with all the distractions that are likely to be present when not in a dedicated learning environment (see picture above for an example!).

    At ATC Risk Management we care more about delegates passing the assessment and gaining the qualification than taking their money off them. With over 30 years of experience, we are one of the UK's most trusted health and safety training providers which is a key factor in us being at the top of the Google organic search results for many health and safety searches. You will often find other providers, particularly those in the expensive advertising positions on Google who are desperate to take your money no matter what so that they can cover their advertising costs, who will offer e-learning or distance learning IOSH Managing Safely courses at extremely low rates. We have lost count of the number of people who have spent money on an e-learning or distance learning course only to find out once it is too late that it would be far better to attend a classroom-based course. Please do not become one of them.

    Scheduled IOSH Managing Safely Courses:

    We have IOSH Managing Safely courses scheduled across the UK in Nottingham, Central London and Reading, as well as providing in-house IOSH training anywhere in the UK.

    Unlike some health and safety training providers, all of our open course prices include exam fees, certification costs and study book(s), as well as a buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Free on-site car parking is also available at our Nottingham venue each day.

    Useful Link: The Online Booking Process Explained (opens in a new window).

    Nottingham: £495.00 + vat
    Reading: £495.00 + vat
    Manchester: £495.00 + vat
    Central London: £549.00 + vat

    30 Jan-02 Feb 2017
    ManchesterCOURSE FULL
    27 Feb-02 Mar 2017
    NottinghamBook Online
    27 Feb-02 Mar 2017
    Central LondonBook Online
    04-07 Apr 2017
    ReadingBook Online
    10-13 Apr 2017
    ManchesterBook Online
    15-18 May 2017
    ManchesterBook Online
    30 May-02 Jun 2017
    NottinghamBook Online
    19-22 Jun 2017
    Central LondonBook Online
    10-13 Jul 2017
    ManchesterBook Online
    25-28 Jul 2017
    ReadingBook Online

    Useful Links:

    Those who are responsible for managing a construction site may find the CITB/ConstructionSkills Site Management Safety Training Scheme SMSTS course more appropriate for their needs, as unlike an IOSH Managing Safely course which provides information suitable for virtually every organisation and industry, an SMSTS course concentrates specifically on how to manage risks and safety on a construction site, focusing on the specific risks that construction site workers are likely to encounter.

    A number of course delegates who complete an IOSH Managing Safely course do not stop there, and go on to sit other health and safety courses at an increasingly higher level. After the IOSH Managing Safely course, some will take the NEBOSH General Certificate, and a few will then progress further to the NEBOSH National Diploma qualification, which is one of the most prestigious and comprehensive health and safety qualifications available. Visit to read more about the NEBOSH National Diploma.

    Interested in finding out more information regarding IOSH or IOSH courses? Either click on the "IOSH" tab at the top of the page, or see the IOSH Information at UK Business

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