Permit to Work Training

A permit to work form is used when risks are particularly high

A permit to work (PTW) system ensures that formal validation and authority is given when hazardous work is to be undertaken. It ensures that all components of a safe system of work are established before high risk work commences, thereby controlling and reducing risk to individuals and the organisation.

The permit to work is also a means of communication and control between site managers, site supervisors, contractors and those carrying out the hazardous work. Because of this, effective permit to work training is crucial for working safely when involved in high-risk activities.

The course is aimed at the following personnel:
  • Those responsible for implementing permit to work systems

  • New employees selected by the organisation for issuing and signing off permits to work

  • Existing personnel in the organisation who issue and sign off permits that require formal training

  • By the end of the Permit to Work course, delegates will have a detailed awareness and understanding of:
  • The necessity for permits to work, including high risk activities

  • The function and role of a permit to work within the overall risk control framework

  • The typical contents of a permit to work

  • The procedure for issuing a permit to work

  • The cessation and termination of a permit

  • The responsibilities of the issuer and receiver of the permit

  • Potential difficulties and solutions with the permit to work system

  • In addition, delegates will explore a number of case studies highlighting the importance of ensuring the permit to work systems are operating effectively, for example the Piper Alpha case study.

    This training course can be tailored to include details of your company-specific permit to work system. In this case, our health and safety consultants will require details of your system and sample forms for inclusion prior to the course.

    Course Material

    Each delegate will be issued with a course workbook to assist them both during and after the course. This workbook will contain information, technical knowledge, graphics and forms to assist those working with permit to work systems.

    Course Tutor

    Our health and safety consultants are qualified and experienced health and safety professionals with an appropriate background in the health and safety industry and many years of experience in delivering engaging courses in health and safety. All consultants hold professional membership of the chartered Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

    Course Duration

    The course will be delivered over one day.


    Delegates will be awarded a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the course.

    Scheduled Permit to Work Courses:

    The Permit to Work course is not currently scheduled as an open course as it is primarily run as an in-house programme at your premises which is tailored to the specific risks that your employees are likely to face. If you have a need for this course, please call us on 0115 984 9940 or contact us online by clicking on the blue 'Contact Us' button in the top right corner of the page for more information about conducting permit to work training.

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