NVQ Level 5 Health and Safety Qualification

One of the biggest problems those wishing to acquire a health and safety qualification find is that they are unable to get the time off work in order to attend a classroom-based health and safety course. In this situation, some people are tempted to go down the e-learning route where they can do the course at home on their computer after work. Whilst this may seem tempting, the amount of information being taught in the course syllabus makes e-learning an extremely difficult way of taking a health and safety course. Without the presence of a course tutor and other delegates from which to ask questions and engage in discussions, a lot of information can be misunderstood, and staring at a computer screen for hours after already doing a hard day at work is far from an ideal way to learn, not to mention the numerous distractions at home such as television, children etc all contribute to a poor learning environment. We have lost count of the number of delegates who have spent a lot of money doing an e-learning course with another provider, found it unsuitable for their requirements, and then have to pay out again to attend a classroom course.

Health and Safety NVQ Programmes

Whilst classroom training is the best way to go, if you wish to obtain a health and safety qualification and really cannot get the time off work to attend a taught course, an alternative option would be to embark on a health and safety NVQ programme. Rather than taught subject matter which needs to be learnt and memorised, an NVQ qualification is based around the collection and presentation of evidence gathered whilst performing your day-to-day job role (which means the qualification can only be taken by those who are currently in a position of work where they influence the health and safety policy of their organisation).

Along with the Level 3 NVQ, we also offer the NVQ Level 5 Health and Safety qualification which is so comprehensive and respected that a number of universities will accept it as part of the entrance criteria for further health and safety studies such as MSc programmes.

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Food Safety Courses

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Online food safety courses

Level 1 and Level 2 online food safety courses available, with individual courses aimed specifically at those in the catering, retail and manufacturing industries.

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NEBOSH General Pages

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NEBOSH General Certificate Pages and Articles

The NEBOSH General Certificate health and safety course provides a wealth of information, with the syllabus covering a variety of different health and safety topics which are relevant to the vast majority of workplaces. The scope and respect which this NEBOSH qualification commands makes it one of the most popular and sought after of courses.

For useful pages and articles about the NEBOSH General Certificate click here.

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