NEBOSH General Certificate Health and Safety Courses

Health and safety is required to minimise risk

One of the most popular of health and safety courses is the NEBOSH General Certificate. This qualification provides a comprehensive overview of many different health and safety areas and topics which are likely to be encountered in a typical place of work, such as manual handling risks, fire safety, COSHH hazards, noise, and environmental considerations. The NEBOSH General Certificate is mainly taken by those who wish to obtain a health and safety qualification which is respected around the world, or use it as a basis for progressing to more in-depth qualifications such as a NEBOSH National Diploma.

NEBOSH General Certificate Assessment

The Need to Put in the Work

Health and safety courses such as the NEBOSH General Certificate will not be suitable for everybody, as in order to pass the course, delegates will need to put the effort in and engage in significant self-study and revision for the exams that come at the end. The large amount of information taught on the syllabus means that most delegates on a training course such as the NEBOSH General Certificate will struggle to pass without putting in the effort themselves to go over what has been taught during the day.

Passing the Assessments

A long time between the training course and the exam can increase the chances of a fail

Delegates will also need to revise before the exam assessments in order to refresh their memories of what was taught at the start of the course. Our NEBOSH General Certificate courses are run over two weeks, sometimes with a week's gap in between so that you do not need to take two consecutive weeks away from the workplace. This means that unlike shorter courses such as the ConstructionSkills SSSTS or IOSH Managing Safely which are just two days and four days respectively, there is more time between the exams and the start of the course, making it more likely that information from the first days will have been forgotten. It is for this reason that we do not do day release for any of our health and safety courses, as the pass rates are low due to the large amount of time between the first day and exam time.

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Online food safety courses

Level 1 and Level 2 online food safety courses available, with individual courses aimed specifically at those in the catering, retail and manufacturing industries.

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NEBOSH General Certificate Pages and Articles

The NEBOSH General Certificate health and safety course provides a wealth of information, with the syllabus covering a variety of different health and safety topics which are relevant to the vast majority of workplaces. The scope and respect which this NEBOSH qualification commands makes it one of the most popular and sought after of courses.

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